Museo al aire libre Villa Romana Albir


Year 3/4 have had a day of exploration. They began by heading down to the beach where they collected the different components needed, to create their own ‘beach in a bottle’. They then went to the Roman ruins, where they learned about how that particular Roman villa would have been run in the Roman times. […]

Creating a 3D model of a cell


Lower Key Stage 3 has been learning about animal and plant cells. We divided the class in 2 groups and each group worked on creating a 3D model of a cell type. Kids used stuff like shoe and biscuit boxes, scrap paper, clay and paints to make these lovely pieces😍👍   Sierra Bernia School British […]

Ancient Greece

Ancient Greece1

Year 5 and 6 have been studying Ancient Greece. The main theme of today’s assembly was on democracy and the feud between the Spartans and Athenians.  The assembly culminated with the story of the Wooden Horse of Troy. Sierra Bernia School British School of Benidorm

Julia Donaldson


The primary school undertook a Julia Donaldson book study when they returned to school. When the study was finished, they came together to share their activities in a whole school assembly. There were poems, dramas, puppet shows and lots of fabulous art work!   Sierra Bernia School British School of Benidorm