Hot Ice – Chemistry Key Stage 4

KS4 students have been studying the differences between endothermic and exothermic reactions. Also the meaning of reversible reaction and the rate of reaction. Sodium acetate or hot ice is an amazing chemical reaction that can be prepared with baking soda and vinegar. It can cool to a sodium acetate solution below its melting point and […]

Robert Burns Day

Year 3 / 4 celebrated Robert Burns day by exploring all things Scottish. They begdan their day by learning about the life of the famous Scottish bard, before then learning some Scottish songs, listening to traditional and modern music played on bagpipes and even listening to familiar stories, such as the gruffalo, retold in Scots. […]

University Center for Technology and Digital Art in SBS

An UTAD (University Center for Technology and Digital Art) representative visited our Secondary students to discuss university degrees and courses. They presented the teaching models and main courses such as digital design, videogames and engineering to students. Sierra Bernia School British School of Benidorm