Save The Children

A BIG THANK YOU to everyone who sponsored our run for ‘Save the Children’.   It was exhausting, but we ran around the track at the Polideportivo until we ran out of time, ensuring we could raise as much as possible for the children in Africa.  Ahmar arranged a ‘penalty shoot-out’ area too as another way for […]

Carnavals and Castles!!!

Following on from their topic this term, the nursery class organised this year’s carnaval by turning the school into a medieval castle and courtyard!  Miss Ebony and Miss Stephanie designed medieval style mini-crafts for the whole school to take part in allowing the children to enjoy making their own bread shields, beaded bracelets, and decorative […]

Day of the Tree

We celebrated the ‘Day of the Tree’ this week by planting over 100 trees around our school.  Each class came out one by one to help prepare the soil, dig holes in the ground, and plant a tree.  Luckily for us, Dimitry, Menno and Xavier provided extra muscle power for the younger classes.  It was […]

Rules of the Road

We had a visit from our local police man the other day.  No, it wasn’t because someone was in trouble!  It was because he came to talk to us about how to act safely and responsibly on the roads.  We learned how to walk along roads safely as pedestrians and then we had the chance […]

Victorian Values

We experienced life as Victorian children by turning our classroom into a Victorian school room.  Mrs Letchford became Mrs Mangle and we all chnaged our modern names to Victorian ones like Ethel and Jeremiah.   We wore Victorian clothes, learned Victorian values, ate Victorian food and we even had Victorian punishments for those who didn’t […]