A Pirate’s Life for Me!


Shiver me timbers and batten down the hatches, the pirate are in town! Year 1 put on a pirate themed assembly today for the rest of the school. They showed off their amazing island paintings and all wore amazing costumes. Well done on learning all their words and all 3 songs too! The children have […]

Life is hard!


Mrs Letchford was in her element today whilst teaching her class about the first fleet of convicts to arrive at the British colony in Australia. The children were tied together in a chain gang and forced to do hard manual labour in the heat of the day! They then experienced a typical convict meal of […]

Go compare!


The Year 2 children have a thought provoking assembly about ourselves and our self esteem. Mrs Vaughan began the assembly by showing the school the popular ‘go compare’ advert. The children then discussed the pros and cons of comparing ourselves against others. It gave everyone some food for though for the weekend. Great work Year 2!

Ready, Steady, GO!


The rules of the road were the lesson of the day when our local, friendly traffic policeman Chust, came to school to teach the infants about road safety. The children enjoyed learning about the dangers of the road and how to be a safe and responsible pedestrian and motorist. Well done everyone!

UKS2 – The Aborigines


Do you come from the land down under? The Upper Primary class held the first assembly of the term, sharing all they had learned on the indigenous tribes of Australia; the Aborigines. The children had created short power point presentations on their different areas of learning including their history or ‘dreamtime’, artefacts and boomerangs, and […]