Reception – measuring


Reception have really enjoyed learning about capacity and measures this week. We have been estimating which container will hold more water and then experimenting to see if we were right. We had fun filling and measuring in the water tray today! We have also been using cubes to measure different things around our classroom like […]



La semaine dernière nous avons fêté notre premier Concours de Francovision. À l’occasion du concours réel d’Eurovision (célébré en mai 2017 à Kiev), les élèves de KS2 on profité pour représenter 4 pays différents de la Francophonie: la France, la Belgique, la Côte d’Ivoire et la Guyane. Nous avons étudié l’importance du Français autour du […]

Sssssssssuper Sssssssssserpent Donationssssssssssss


As part of their topic on Australia, the Upper Primary class have been learning about the late conservationist Steve Irwin. Yesterday they sent out s request for parents to help them raise money to sponsor an animal at Steve’s Australia Zoo, by donation all their unwanted copper change. The children used the donated coins to […]

Style on the River Nile!


Lower Key Stage 2 put on a great show about the River Nile in their class assembly today. The children acted out the story of the mean King Seph and the beautiful Isis, and the children took their roles very seriously indeed and were really quite scary in some parts 😱 The assembly finished to […]